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Runway Fashion

So I was asked what I wanted for Christmas. I typically just want books, but this year I was asked to list clothing I wanted. First of all, I don’t like shopping for clothes. I don’t like the fact that nothing fits right, everything nice is too expensive, and  most things are some kind of weird new style. Also, in my search for the good life, I would really like to find things that are high quality, fashionable pieces that fit right. So my first stop is to look at fashion magazines and runway fashions. After all, what says quality better than Chanel or Prada or Gucci?

A look through a fashion magazine immediately tells me that these editors look at runway fashions to make broad general statements about trends and then find cheaper alternatives to these pieces. Of course if you look at four different magazines you get five opinions of what is currently fashionable. This is, of course, discounting the items that are always fashionable (jeans anyone?). So if all these magazines are looking to the runways, then I want to look at the source. I youtubed the runway shows for the big names for this season: Valentino, Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabana, Oscar de la Renta, or whoever came up next.

Runways shows are odd. The average height of the models are 6 foot which is nearly a foot taller than me. Their average weight is 100 lbs which is less than mine. They tend to be long rectangular boyish figure while I have an 1950’s hourglass figure. So how am I supposed to know how these clothes would look on me? How do I learn if these items will give me the desired results of being fashionable? They don’t. On top of all that, the clothes are not weather appropriate (high heels and shorts in a winter show?), the color clash, parts are transparent that shouldn’t be seen in public (why bother wearing a shirt at all if it is completely transparent?), and the shapes of the clothes look really uncomfortable. So why should a skirt from Valentino cost $2000 ? And how in the world do all these different wacky style show some sort of trend?

So then I move on to researching how these clothes are made to try to get a clue…


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