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The Good Life

So I am on the search for the good life. Aren’t we all? I have been told things from a variety of people all my life: how do things, what things are worth while, how to be successful, and just what life is all about. I am finding that most of these ideas are not true. Well, I am not out to change philosophical foundational things, but just what kind of coffee I drink, or the quality of clothes I wear, the kinds of hotels I stay in, or just having fun as a family.

I have a voice in my head that focuses on trying to be frugal and save money on everything. I want to buy cheap things so I can save my money for other things like travel or family fun, but the problem is that buying cheap things IS a waste of money. Those cheap items wear out quickly, don’t work right, and are a constant source of irritation. My new goal is to buy quality items that I love and have quality experiences everyday. Contentment is a good cure for the need to spend and that saves money. Avoiding the competition with the Jones and being happy with your life IS what I consider the good life.

Don’t expect this to be super deep, the meaning of life sort of blog. It’s just my thoughts on what is worth doing. Enjoy!


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