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Snow Boots

I am from the south, Florida in fact. I have had a few winters in places in which it snowed once or twice a year, but this is the third year in a row that we have had months of snow in Edinburgh, Scotland. The first year I got by with tennis shoes/trainers. Last year I got some hiking boots for Christmas in Florida that fell apart 6 months later. This year my cheap cowboy boots got my socks wet at the first snow. So now I am on the search for snow boots.

You type in a search for snow boots and you get a zillion opinions. Some people who drive a lot just dismiss the issue since you don’t really walk so much in the snow to and from your car. Some go for cheap options and other for the most expensive. What I want is something that works.

My list of features are as follows: They need to be warm, waterproof, durable, useful in multiple context, and not a small fortune. Most shoes miss at least one of those items on the list. Wellies are waterproof and cheap, but they are cold and one needs multiple wool socks to wear them. Moon shoes are ugly and only work for the most causal settings like skiing. Snow boots tend to be very expensive and some are for style rather than use, others are only waterproof around the soles, and the rest are just too causal.

Finally, and we will see how they work, I found some sleek black wellies that looked like they could be worn to work, shopping, church, dates, or playing with kids. They are lined on the inside with faux fur to make them warmer than normal wellies and they are the same price as ordinary wellies. This fits in with all my categories of both fashion and the good life.  My hope is that they last for more than six months. If so, they are my dream winter shoes!


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