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So I am still on my search for quality clothes to get for Christmas. What do I buy? I have researched how clothes are made, what is quality pieces that will not wear out, but what do I do about the fashion part of it? It seems to me that the fashion magazines give mixed messages. The bloggers who I have read say to experiment and express yourself. Then I read books like “Color Me Beautiful” which talk about various colors look good on various people. I see articles on body shapes and various heights which say certain clothes look good on certain people. Then one has to factor in career/lifestyle, local weather, age, local fashion, and budget. Is there a one size fit all rule to fashion?


I have read and read and read. Fashion is just what you wear.

Still, we all know that some pieces look good on us and some pieces don’t. Sometimes it feels like playing the fashion lottery. Am I doomed to spend hours trying on clothes to find to one piece that kind of looks ok?

If you read enough fashion books by stylists, fashion editors, dressmakers, and whoever feels inclined to write on the subject, you will find a few people who have a method to this madness.

I was very pleased with a few books (and tons of books I would just recommend ignoring). These few books I will list here since it would take a book to summarized all I have learned from them.

“How to Dress Like a Star” give basic information about what looks good on what body shape, but give more information about creating optical illusions with your clothes to focus on good features and hide bad features. She explains “why” for everything. I can’t stand reading a fashion book that just says belts always look good. No they don’t and why do you even think that? This book gives you concepts that make sense.

“Color me Beautiful” is still used in a lot of fashion stuff and it is pretty good as a general rule. The problem is that it does always work. If you are like me, it is hard to tell if I do better in warm colors or cool colors. I spent most of my life sticking with gold jewelry because I thought I had warm tones in my skin. It turns out I look better in silver. I am afraid the jury is still out for this book.

“How to Mend you clothes” is probably the best book for finding out how something is supposed to fit. Clothes that fits right just looks better. Learning how to shorten trouser legs, bring in the waist of a coat, shorten a skirt can make a world of difference on how well it looks on you. On top of it all, you won’t wear something if it isn’t comfortable too.

So far that’s my list. It may take another stack of books to find any more goods ones so wish me good hunting!


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