Christmas 2012 046

Christmas may be the most widely celebrated holiday in the world, yet I meet Scrooges every year. There are so many reasons that people give to not celebrate the holiday and some of them I can respect. The worse reason, and the one I want to address here, is feeling to tired or lazy to bother with it. To me, that just sounds like some one who has been disappointed too many times.

Part of the disappointment comes from trying to recreate some imaginary perfect Christmas that the marketers and Hollywood had invented. There is no such thing, thank God! I wouldn’t want that sort of Christmas. They make the perfect designer tree in a perfectly decorated house and the over priced gifts surrounding the tree seem like the all in all. It isn’t. Even for those who are poor or who don’t have much family, Christmas is mostly for them. Christmas is not the time to spend yourself into bankruptcy. It’s the time to give what we have to those who don’t have. It maybe time, crafts, or even a nice gift.

Even if you aren’t religious, the symbols of Christmas from Saint Nicholas to the nativity are all about selfless love. It might be hard to give love when you never have received it, but look around you. The fact that you are reading this means you have a certain level of lifestyle that those in a third world country would love to have. We can be thankful for so much, even if we built it up from nothing. We may want things, but how many of those things do we need? When we get to the end of our lives and we are laying on our death beds, will we be wishing we had driven a Porsh? I really don’t think so. We will start thinking about people, family and friends who we wished we had spent more time with. Christmas is a great time to make good memories on purpose.

How do you have a good Christmas? Focus on people. Really look at them. Do you really even know them? Take time to have a Christmas dinner with them. Throw a causal party with junk food and focus on your guests not your reputation. Give gifts that show you know the people, not that you are trying to buy their affection. Do something for the community at large from just donating to a charity you believe in to help at a homeless shelter. Create events and memories that mean something to you instead of recreating something the TV says is the stylish thing to do.

The good life is being true to yourself and getting rid of the stuff that torments you. Why bother with a real tree if it is too much work? Why settle for the fake tree when you wanted a real tree? We all find ourselves making these compromises without thinking about them. For goodness sake! Go and make this the best Christmas ever and stop letting it run over you.


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