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Baby Love

HPIM1517I am not about to tell people how to parent a child. The more I observe the world the more I see that every piece of advice is dependant on the personality of the family and of the child, but one thing I am certain of is the fact that there is potentially nothing more fun in life than being a parent. I think no discussion about the good life would be complete without children. Unfortunately, not all people can have children naturally, but I question anyone that says adoption can not be as fulfilling or fun as natural-born children. I also know the disappointment of various unexpected things happening once a person takes the course of having children. Sometimes there are complications with the birth, a child may have a disability, or because of life events you aren’t able to bring up your child in the manner you had dreamed (single family home, living far from extended family, not being able to stay home with kids, or whatever). Even with all these considerations, I still highly recommend having children. Children aren’t a pet to entertain you so one does need to consider if you are ready for the responsibility of forming and shaping a life into the most successful human being you can with the tools God has given you. Even so, having children tends to highlight your true nature and urge you to become a better person for their sake. You learn unconditional love. You develop patience. You see the world with different eyes. You review your past and try to create a better future. The good life isn’t about living for yourself and feeding your empty appetites until the end of your days. There is nothing better at the end of your life than to look into the eyes of your children and see a legacy that will live on in good memories, life lessons past on, and a Godly heritage that can weather any storm. That is something many cultural elements choose to turn their back on. Children don’t suck resources, they don’t take up your time, they aren’t a burden, they are not there to torture you. What is the point of life if we just live, eat our fill and die? No, our lives our part of a community that should reflect the character of the kingdom of God on earth, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness. Part of that community is the creative spirit to build up those around us and pass on the lessons learned. Nothing fulfills this selfless yet selfish at the same time desire of our hearts than children.


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