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Book Review: Abigail Adams by Phyllis Lee Levin

abigail_adamsI read a biography of Abigail Adams by Phyllis Lee Levin this past month. This is probably one of the best biographies I have ever read (and I LOVE reading biographies!). Not only is Mrs. Adams’ life really fascinating, but the author covered all aspects of her life so that the reader could get an image of the domestic life of that time and the political or public issues of that era. Mrs. Adams was a prolific writer and there was plenty of material to write on just there, but Phyllis Levin also investigated Mrs. Adams’ facts and some of the political forces moving that Mrs. Adams may not have know about so that the reader could see the events of that time in a slightly more objective view. The movement from one sphere of concern to another was seamless in this book, and the introduction of characters was not overwhelming in the way other writers do it. The writer was not afraid to talk about Mrs. Adams’ faith which was amazing, her view of a strong central government, or her opinions of proper education for children. If you want a comprehensive view of the world (not just the USA!) of 1776 you can find it in this book. Mrs. Adams give cometary of her life as an ambassador’s wife to France and England. Her son’s life as an ambassador to Holland and Russia. You learn about the American War for Independence, the reaction to the French Revolution, and the US’s relationship with England. You learn about early American lifestyle, fashion, illness, and business. This was a delicious book to read and I can’t praise it too highly!


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