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Capsule Wardrobe

Nov 2012 034Well, we are wanting to move back to the USA in July and my research discovered how expensive shipping things home will be. The  cheapest option looks like paying air freight with UPS. If that is the case than I don’t want to pay more for shipping something than I would just to buy a replacement at home. Books are expensive so they get shipped and so do computer gear, but clothes… well that is something else. I have come across the concept of a capsule wardrobe. This is an idea where you own the bare minimum amount of clothes you need at higher quality. Some of these article say you only need as little as six things ( up to 24 things ( and some are a bit more reasonable with a few more. Can I pare down to that few? I think not! I took inventory of what I owned and how often I do laundry and decided that anyone under 50 pieces was insane if you consider changes of weather and formal vs informal clothes. Still it is an interesting exercise and can definitely help you get down to only the clothes that fit you and you love.



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