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The Trench Coat

Why in the world do all books about fashion and all fashion magazines say that the trench coat is an ideal look for EVERY woman? I own a trench coat that I hate, but need it for when it rains. Someday I am going to replace it with something flattering, but so far I haven’t found that “something”. Trench coats only look good on tall, thin, boyish figures. I happen to be a short hourglass figure. The classic trench coat is at the exact length to make a petite person look shorter. The massive amount of horizontal lines from the weird shoulder do-dads, to the belt, to the double breasted buttons, and odd length hemline adds at least ten pounds to any woman. The crumpled up style that it portrays hides any curves and who really likes that khaki color? Someday I will find a nice simple tailored coat with one line of medium sized black buttons, no belt yet pinches the waist, and the hem ends right below the hips. I should be able to button it all the way up to my neck or skip a couple of buttons to make a V-neck. It needs to keep me dry and warm like what a coat is SUPPOSED to do. It would be a nice textured gray color for my cool skin tones. This would be my replace-every-coat-I-own coat. Yours might be different.


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