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The 25 Good Things in Life

Kerry, Lara and Peter  (45)1. Falling in love

2. A baby’s laugh

3. A good cup of coffee

4. Reading a good book

5. Hearing the rain outside as you go to sleep

6. A deep kiss

7. A surprise hug

8. Being noticed on the street by a friend

9. Laughing so hard you cry

10. Having the whole family pile on the bed for a late night movie

11. A great conversation

12. A causal walk to nowhere

13. Visiting a new place

14. Learning a new skill

15. Getting a compliment

16. Giving a gift that really means something

17. A slow meal with family and friends

18. Flowers in bloom

19. First snowfall  of the year

20. The sound of ocean waves

21. A tickle session with a toddler

22. The taste of hot bread or warm cookies

23. A funny remark well timed

24. Creating something beautiful or well-crafted

25. Random acts of kindness



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