Farmer’s Market


There is something really chic about going to a farmer’s market on a summer’s day. To be honest, I felt super intimidated by them. Everyone seemed to know just what to do, walk up to the sellers in their booths and talk to them like they knew them their whole lives, and just grab a random object and pay for it.

Recently, I was able to feel more confident and ask the questions I really wanted to know: what is this? How much is it? What does it taste like? Do have a different variety of this?

I found that the more I chat and asked these sellers about their products, the more treasures I found. I have tried fresh rye bread with broccoli soup I made from the super flavorful fresh vegetables I bought. I have tried venison, dark chocolate, and chili sausages. I have tried a superb smoked lemon pepper salmon. I have bought wild boar and venison sausages. I have found fresh honey, very sweet blackberries, amazing tomatoes, juicy carrots, and the best cabbage I have every tasted. I really love the butter and cheeses as well.

When it come to enjoying life, buying great simple foods tops my list because it makes me and my whole family very happy without much difference to our budget. You will find that I am addicted for life to the local farmer’s market!



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