Interior Design – What is good quality furniture?

Well, we still haven’t moved back to the USA yet, but in preparation I have been doing a lot of dreaming a research. I have already reduced much of what we owned when we moved to Scotland to cut down the cost off storage. Currently in the USA we have a wooden queen size bed that was a present from my parents, tons of books, my old toy box that was built by my grandfather, and miscellaneous memorable objects. So when we move to the USA I will be starting over in acquiring furniture and designing my home. I am super excited about this. So far our interior decorating has been acquiring old cheap hand-me down furniture from family and a going-out-of-business do-dad shop. This would be fine if the stuff had been good quality or even just matched. Instead my home has looked like we were living in some one’s garage.

The first thing I needed to learn was how to spot quality furniture. After all, living well means spending your money wisely and effectively.  I want to buy beautiful heirloom pieces whether or not they happen to new or used. I HATE when chair become wobbly, drawers stop working, laminate starts pealing, and bookshelves warp. There is a great youtube video that shows how quality is made here: . This one shows what bad furniture is and why: . To summarize what I learned, I want real wood with touch-in-grove and glue attachment of pieces. No staples, screws, nails, particle board, laminate, cardboard, or metal runners. To be honest, I am not sure I have encountered must that was this quality. A rough survey puts a new piece of furniture like this into many hundreds of dollars. So, I will be haunting estate sales, antique shops, garage sales, and flea markets to find my treasures.

My next piece of research is to figure out how to make it all match. This one was a booger and will be covered in my next post.Image



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