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Edinburgh School of Art Fashion Show


I am very happy to say that I was able to attend the Edinburgh School of Art student fashion show a couple of days ago. They were the only school in Scotland invited to show in the London Graduate fashion week this coming June.

Before going I did some research so I would know what I was looking at. I also remembered my own art show as a senior graphic design student and knew that there would be great pieces and not so good pieces… sometimes even from the same student. In my research I learned what these student would be studying and what the point of the show was. These students didn’t just learn sewing. They learned about the industry, creating a unified collection, basic design principals  how the human body moved, history of design, how to predict trends, and textiles. The show was an hour and a half long with one piece of clothing from the 2nd and 3rd year students, 5 or 6 designs for each of the graduating students, a collection from the textile majors, and then 3 costumes from the costumes design majors. Each mini collection walked on stage to their own music, we clapped and then they exited. It had all the trappings of any professional runway show you could find on youtube.

The clothes varied from the abstract and unwearable to highly artistic and beautiful. I found that I was able to really see the difference in the ability of the students by how easy the models were able to move in the clothing. To me, all design should above all be practical and functional. Then, after that, one should strive for good art. This show helped me to appreciate the skill and effort of the professionals, but it also made me wonder how hard it would be to design my own clothes. I am so picky anyways…



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