All for the Sake of a Trunk





I pride myself on being thrifty, practical, and efficient. Unfortunately, this arrogance sometimes gets me into trouble. The most recent of these occasions happened when I decided that we needed a trunk or flight case for our desktop computer tower to use when we move back to the USA.

When we moved to the UK, we placed this very computer which my husband has built specifically for his needs, that has all of our pictures, documents, and essential information, our main source of all computing, into a cardboard box and shipped it on a boat. It took over a month to arrive at our destination. In that cardboard box, it endured all sorts of rough handling any ordinary box of household items would receive and somehow arrived still working. I felt this was too risky to attempt to do a second time. We must have a case!

Since this was a lark on my part and we had no budget currently for buying random packing stuff let alone a £150 trunk new, I decide to go to my favorite site: eBay! After a few times of haunting the site for what I was looking for, I came upon a flight case that was the right size, which the owner lived just a few streets away, and it only cost £0.99. That was practically free!!! I bid on it without even talking to my husband about my idea. We were both overjoyed when I won it. Happy day!

I arranged with the seller the day for me to collect it. I chose a morning time and felt like I could go collect it and get back before my husband needed to leave for the day. That way he could watch our son, and I could move faster and use both hands to carry the flight case.

I set off on my own. It had decided to snow and be icy that day as I walked and slid to my destination. I eventually found the house after having to call the seller because they gave me the wrong house number. I collected the case and began to walk home.

Two problems hit me right away. The first was that the case was bigger than I had thought and was awkward to carry. Secondly, the stupid thing was super heavy! I carried it as far as I could and then stopped to rest. I then continued and stopped to rest. I realized that this was going to take forever and I was bruising my leg from banging the case into myself as I walked.

I then discovered that I brought no money for a bus or a taxi. I tried to text some people who had cars to see if I could get help. Finally, I called my husband who was watching my 3- year old to see if he could find a solution. He told me he was coming.

As I waited for his arrival, I continued on my way home by alternating carrying it and then sitting on it to rest. People passing me had all sorts of strange expressions wondering what this crazy lady was doing carrying a massive trunk down the street.

I was halfway home when my husband came with my 3-year old in a stroller. He carried the trunk the rest of the way home with much less effort than me. He was amused. He told me that he told our son, “We need to go and rescue your mommy because she bit off more than she can chew again, though, that doesn’t surprise me!”



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