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Book Review: Eleanor of Aquitaine


I have another biography to review and this of the controversial Eleanor of Aquitaine. Eleanor was born in 1124, was married to the King Louis VI of France, went on the second crusade, divorced, married King Henry II of England, was mother of King Richard the Lion-hearted and King John, and then died at 82 years old.

This biography was a bit difficult for me to get through, not because of the writer, but because I have absolutely nothing in common with Eleanor. I don’t relate to her motives for power or any aspect of her personality. I think if we met in person that we would find it difficult to have anything to talk about at all. She was a passionate and strong woman who I can admire for doing so much more than history every expected of her, but I also felt like she caused many of her own problems by not listening to anyone’s advice. Interesting read, but not my favorite biography.




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