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Dye It!


With all of my posts about fashion, it may be surprising to know that I hate shopping for clothes. I like the idea of it and I love looking at ebay or shop windows, but the process of trying on a zillion things to find one thing that fits puts me in a very bad mood. This is part of the reason that a capsule wardrobe appeals to me. I don’t have to try on so much clothes. I am, therefore, very hesitant to throw out clothes that have worn out because that means I have to go to the store and find a suitable replacement. Jeans are the worst! I have tried on over twenty pairs of jeans in one shopping trip to find one that fits both my waist and hips, never mind length since petite is too short and regular is too long. I just roll them up promising myself that I will one day hem them. These also tend to be the clothing item I where the most so I can’t bear to get rid of a good pair. I recently discovered the beauty of Dylan clothing dye which is amazing! You just follow the directions and you can dye your clothes in the washing machine without any harm to it. Here are some before and afters. My jeans will now look new until they are worn to shreds!



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