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To buy a car in the USA or not?

In Edinburgh Scotland we lived happily for 4 years without a car. After moving back to the USA, we at first wanted to try our hardest to not own a car. We bought two used bikes and a child seat. After a while the cultural difference in city planning really began to sink. Us Americans love space and we have built our cities sprawling all over the place. Where as in Edinburgh we could do our basic commuting by walking, our shopping a special trips by bus, and our vacations by train; in the USA we walk 45 mins one way to church or the grocery store, bike to the doctors or other stores, must borrow or rent a car to go across town. There is no bus stops in our area of town and the public transportation service you call to get to the bus stop is undependable (it drove right by us as we stood by the road waiting for it!). Everyone we know says living without a car in the USA is just not possible, but there is a sub-culture in the USA of people who are trying to make it work.

Here is one article I found one the topic about trying to make it work and why a person would want to do so:

Life without a car: Lessons in simplicity

I haven’t made up my mind on the matter yet though because looking at the walk score ( of Ocoee, FL, we are living in a very car dependent city.

The thing is that we have lived on our own for 4 months without a car. The question has to do with improving our quality of life and not feeling trapped or dependent on people for errands. I will post in the future the outcome of our choice. I hope we make the right one!


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