Crates, Crates, and more Crates!


So sometime at the end of the summer we will be moving again. Hopeful it will be to a town somewhere around the world in which my husband will have a full-time teaching position. This about how specific our plans typically are right before a move until just a few weeks before we pull the trigger and start packing. Since this will be our twelfth move in 10 years (whose counting anyways?), I have noticed that our boxes don’t seem to be doing so well. We have minimal furniture because the last 5 years we have lived in furnished accommodations and I can’t stand moving big furniture anyways, but we will need furniture in our next home. Since I am obsessed with simplifying our life, I felt that there should be some way of dealing with this. My discovery: CRATES!


Wooden crates are all over the Internet as great ways to cheaply make bookshelves, side tables, coffee tables, or whatever! You can get them for a reasonable price from HomeDepot and if you use screws with bolts to form your furniture, you can take them back apart to use them again as packing boxes. They can be stained, painted, stacked, moved, and completely usable in various floor plans. As moving boxes, they should stack in nice neat rows (I hope!) and should be more durable than my cardboard boxes. I just need to save up enough money to order a zillion of them since we transport a library of books many small high schools would envy!

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