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RIT: It only dyes some things…

2014-06-04 15.06.20

This week I had the great idea of dyeing some of my ugly clothes black. I had a pair of bright yellow shoes that I got at Target for $5 six months ago. The problem is that I don’t like yellow and I don’t have anything yellow to wear it with. I bought them because they were cheap and I needed shoes. Second, was a pair of brown capris that fit me perfectly and that I really love, but was unfortunate enough to splash bleach onto it.

I bought a package of RIT dye and felt pleased at being so clever. I read the instructions and even their website ( before deciding to use the most intensive method which was done in a pot on the stove. After a half hour of dyeing, I discovered that my capris were completely the same. RIT does not dye over bleach and for some reason my 90% cotton capris had some sort of coating on them that doesn’t dye either. NICE.

My shoes did dye… sort of. The white Hawaiian flowers stayed white, but the yellow color and the white soles were successfully dyed. Luckily I was able to paint the rubber soles white again. I had not really wanted to have the Hawaiian flowers, but at least my shoes will now be wearable with almost any casual combination of clothes I have. It was nice to have a success. Lesson learned: RIT doesn’t dye everything so don’t experiment with something you really like before hand!

2014-06-07 10.55.20


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