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Houston, Texas

houston-businessWe are moving back to Texas! It isn’t the same part of Texas that we lived in before, but that is good. Part of the reason for our European adventure was to create a different life, but it will be good to be near the family and friends who live there.  I have done reviews of various places I have been, so here is a review of Houston, Texas.

Houston is the fourth most populous city in the USA, and therefore has a huge economy with lots of opportunities. Houston is a pretty misunderstood city worldwide. Yes, it does have cowboys and one of the countries largest rodeos yearly, but it is also an international center for arts and culture. The Houston ballet, symphony, theater and opera are among the US’s best. Houston’s museum district attracts over 7 million visitors a year. They also have a zoo, aquarium, arboretum and space center.  Houston is also home to many sports teams from baseball, football, and soccer. Houston is also home to 4 state Universities and many private colleges and Universities as well. Houston is also home of the Texas Medical Center which has the world’s largest concentration of healthcare researchers and healthcare  institutions with multiple medical schools.

Houston is linked to the world with two very active airports and an international seaport. Houston is known for its collection of fantastic restaurant of various international cuisines and cultural diversity in general. Many companies from various countries have their US headquarters in Houston. Only New York City houses more Fortune 500 company headquarters. Over 90 languages are spoken in the city. I have personally seen graphic design jobs for Houston that required fluent Mandarin, Japanese, or Spanish. This isn’t surprising because Houston also ranks #1 in the US for jobs creation.

The economy in Houston stayed pretty strong through this most recent Great Recession because it is the energy hub of the USA. When a person thinks of Texas, one thinks of oil, but Houston is also on the front lines for green energy research. If fact there has been a push within the city to try to create a more pedestrian friendly environment by creating more bike lanes, transit system, overhauling its bus system, and having a network of tunnels above ground and underground in the downtown area for people to walk from building to building without being in the intense summer heat.

This isn’t to say that Houston is car free. Houston has some of the biggest roads and worst traffic in the country. Yuck.

So that is Houston and that will be home for the next chapter of our lives!







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