I’m Back

LeeFamilySmIt has been a while since I have written a blog. Part of that was dealing with a 6-month transition with an unreliable internet solution and part of it was the embarrassment of having blogged about how to buy a car and still buying a real lemon. Old car is gone, new more reliable car has been purchased. We live and learn!

Well, I’m back now. We have moved into a beautiful two-bedroom apartment in which I am really enjoying decorating and I am home-schooling my son full-time. So good-bye graphic design career for now. Even so, I am going to have plenty of little tidbits to blog about with new crafts, projects, and cooking experiments in plans. In blogging I get to learn all sort of new things as well. So forgive my absence, continue to forgiven my ignorance in many of my posts, and enjoy some of my wanderings!

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