Hi. I hope everyone had a good holiday. As a Christian, I was never allowed to celebrate Halloween as a child because of various legends about it celebrating demons. I thought I would write about why I let my son celebrate it now.

Throughout history, people have celebrated holidays. You can trace every holiday to an older holiday with slightly different meanings. Even the God-given Jewish holidays of the Old Testament had a pagan variation celebrated in that area of the world before being redesigned by God. People use pagan roots as a way to dismiss every holiday including Christmas and Easter, but holidays don’t carry meaning by themselves. They carry the meaning that is taught through the holiday. This is the same as things as basic just language. The word “


did not always mean a positive thing. Look it up! Words throughout history change usage and mean. Holidays are the same way.

So what does this have to do with Halloween? In our modern secular culture, Halloween is a holiday that teaches us to face our fears and laugh at them. We go out in scary costumes to laugh at them and we meet our scary neighbors we never talk to other times in the year. Then we get rewarded for facing our fears with a bucket of candy. I think God would approve of that lesson. After all, He said,


have not given you a spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind.”

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