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I Published My Book!

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It is time for my annual blog post. One day I will be more faithful (ha!), but until then I have some big news:

I published my novel!!!

It is called Gryphendale and it is a youth fantasy fiction novel- think Chronicles of Narnia, the Hobbit, Harry Potter, and manga all mushed together in a unique way. I had finished writing it 4 years ago but just sat on the manuscript thinking I would one day find an agent and do the whole traditional publishing thing. I finally realized that I am a graphic designer who has been publishing other people’s books for years, what am I waiting for? It is now available as an ebook on One day I’ll get it printed too, but I think that is not really the path for me right now.

So about the book…

It all starts with a lone door in the middle of the woods. Had Autumn Diane Lewis known that investigating this door would thrust her into a faerie realm ruled by the evil wizard, Maldamien, she probably would have stayed home. Then again, if he hadn’t cursed her to look like a six-year-old and erase her memories she might actually know why she had been studying that door in the first place.

At the same time, Sage Goliad, a Huldra hero of the people, must piece together the newest plot by Maldamien before he destroys the world and becomes a god. Does the Creator, the mythical blue Gryphon, even care? Will Autumn, Sage, and their friends be able to solve a mystery that spans over two hundred years and includes their own lives before it is too late?

Will you actually go to and buy my book for $2.99?

Stay tuned…

You can click here to see the book:


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