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Zip and the Golden Trombone

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I have published another book!

This children’s book was written by my husband, Dr. Kerry Lee Jr. and illustrated by me over 14 years ago when we were dating. I had submitted it to many publishers because I had always wanted to write and illustrate books, but it just would get lost in the slush piles.

It has been great to start publishing things myself, but this is a new phase of being vulnerable to criticism. Often, when we get rejected over and over again we start feeling not good enough to put our stuff out there. I have often had people point out the spelling errors or grammar issues. Sometimes illustrations are not perfect or a digital file is buggy. After working professionally for a while, I discovered that this happens to everyone. Flaws are no reason to stop pursuing your dreams. There will always be imperfections, but keep working to get better! You have to put yourself out there even when your flaws are obvious. In some ways, this is the lesson Zip learns too.

I am proud of this book because it is my first ever, but my illustration style has changed since then. This will be the first book in a series of children’s books for the same reading level. They will all be separate fairy tales that inspire children. I am hoping my skills will continue to improve and that these stories will be enjoyable for generations.

Below is a link to Amazon where the book is for sale:


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