The Audiobook is Here!

It’s Here!!!

The Shadow of the Gryphon is now available on audiobook! It has taken us a long time to get this made, but I feel like it is worth it. Ken Chambers is the narrator, and he does a wonderful job with bringing to life the characters with unique accents and wonderful drama. If you have a subscription to Audible, you will be able to listen to it for free. If not, it’s for sale on Amazon and iTunes.

You can find it here: 

Join three travelers on a witty adventure set in an exotic fairy world. 

An unusual Brownie adventurer named Arthur and the twin princes, Timothy and Nathaniel, join forces to travel to the underside of their coin-shaped world to break the curse that has turned Nathaniel’s fiancee into stone. Arthur must face his traumatic past as he leads Nathaniel and Timothy on the same journey that killed his friends more than 40 years before, getting them all stuck far from home with only one impossible way home. 

Things continue to go wrong when they learn this curse is just the beginning of more significant problems threatening to destroy the guardian of the ocean. Struggling through a debilitating injury, Nathaniel must risk everything to save the ones he loves. Timothy must let go of his dark magic past to use his fire magic against the alliance that threatens to destroy the world with water.

You can try Audible for free and listen to my book here:



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