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The Light Arises is epic fantasy. Themes of trust, hope, and redemption thread through Rayne’s story as he continues his journey to reclaim the seven hidden scrolls of the One and defeat the rising darkness that would enslave the worlds of Ochen. In the fullness of time, the Light Bringer will arise. The lost will be found and he will bring to light my seven words hidden on the seven worlds, and I will guide his steps. When Rayne dreams of a golden-haired girl and the voice of the One calling him to bring light to Veres, he knows the scroll he must seek next is the Words of the One to Veres. But only those involved with the brutal games staged by the powerful Sorial merchants, are allowed access to Veres. To infiltrate the games, and skip to the isolated world, Rayne must, once again, become the warrior-slave Wren. Lady Alexianndra Erland’s world was shattered three years ago when a young assassin destroyed her home and disabled her father. Now she leads the rebel faction. When news reaches her that the royal Prince of all Ochen is at the Andersen House Gaming Complex, Lexi devises a plan to compel King Theodor to help her people. Her strategy? Kidnap the prince when he leaves the games, and use him to gain the king’s attention. When morning light reveals the truth, will Lexi find her hoped for leverage with the king, or the assassin of her nightmares? And will Rayne be able to convince the girl of his dream to look past her desire for vengeance long enough for him to fulfill his calling?

img_1298C. S. Wachter lives in rural Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, with her husband Joe, one German Shepherd, and three cats. She and Joe have been married for more than forty years and have three sons, one grandson and one granddaughter.

Ms. Wachter earned her degree in Performing Arts and English Education from Rowan University in 1975. She compares developing a character’s perspective to preparing for an acting role. As a life-long lover of books, she has read and enjoyed a variety of genres. However, after reading J. R. R. Tolkien in middle school her favorite has been, and remains to this day, Fantasy with a Christian perspective.





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Here are some sneak peek quotes from The Light Arises:

“No one is good enough to earn forgiveness, but it is also true that the Son’s gift is so great that no one is so bad that he can’t find forgiveness through the Son. I am proof of this. I was living in evil, a hired assassin, a murderer with rubiate darkness growing in me. And yet, the One forgave me and loves me, even me” –Rayne

* * *

Lexi was exhausted. No, Lexi was past exhausted. She had passed from exhausted to a state of foggy need a long time ago. Her mind, like her world had become a gray mist of fog and smoke where need dictated every action. And her need to protect herself from any more shattering pain dictated she keep the innermost part of herself tucked away in a safe place. The horror of what happened three years ago when her home was destroyed still haunted her dreams and the need of her people haunted her waking hours.

It should have been her father’s duty to protect their people, but it had fallen to her slim young shoulders because there was no one else, just her and Ethan and Silas. And being her father’s daughter, Ethan and Silas looked to her to lead.

And now, driven by need once again, Lexi sat her shaggy mountain pony, hidden in a dense stand of pine trees, watching the road that ran along the Eleri River, waiting for Andersen’s men and their prisoners.

* * *

He [Rayne] continued following the stream as it tumbled over rocks seeking the lower valley, surrounded in a muted light of golden green.

He had no idea how long he walked but growing tired again he stopped and drank more water. Looking back up from the stream he saw her. She was standing on a small knoll watching him. Her lips moved and after watching her for a minute, Rayne realized she was the source of the chiming.

She reminded Rayne of the golden trees, tall and lovely with amber hair and eyes. She was so much taller than Rayne, thin and tall. She seemed almost ephemeral to him, like she would vanish in bright sunlight, and yet there was something that spoke of ancient life as well.

As Rayne stood staring in frozen wonder at the creature, the chiming changed pitch and he began to hear words in the music. She was speaking to him. Calling to the One’s Light Bringer. But he wasn’t hearing exactly, it was more like he just understood in his mind, not through his sense of hearing.

* * *

Despise the deceiving darkness that seeks to devour my people and open your ears to the words of the One. In the fullness of time, my chosen, my Light Bringer, will reclaim my Words and reveal the light of my truth, says the One. Though darkness seeks to extinguish his light, fear not. For when the cup of wrath overflows, my chosen will return. He will accomplish my will; my light will again illuminate the worlds of Ochen.

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