Guest Blog: Taran the Spy! by Peter Lee

Today’s guest blogger is my 11 year old son, Peter. For school, he was required to write a tall tale and then to share it. I hope you enjoy it!

Taran the spy

Taran McDonald is a 15 year old student in the biggest school in Edinburgh, Scotland. He looked like a medium size boy, but he is strong enough to lift a horse. His hair is as black as olives, and his eyes are as blue as water in a deep river. Taran, being super smart, was on the World War II Secret Service.

While Taran was at school, a German spy stole King George’s red box of government papers. King George was at the Palace of Holyrood house in Edinburgh before Christmas break. A little girl saw a black-haired, old man sneak in through the gate during the morning. The villain had purple gloves and stock photos in his hands. He was the most evil and clever spy in the world. His name was Vile Victor. He replaced the king’s papers with royalty free images. when he was finished, he escaped into the sewer. The king, himself, asked Taran to find the missing papers.

Vile Victor

Taran knows the German spys hide in the tunnels under the city. He uses sonar from a submarine to find him. Taran rips the massive oak door off the tunnel entrance. He finds the spy reading the papers with a flashlight. The angry spy picks up a heavy rock and throws it. POW!!!Taran catches it easily. He throws it back. The spy is killed by the rock.

Taran punches a hole in the roof of the tunnel to get to Edinburgh castle. CRASH!!! BANG!!! He gives the papers to King George.