Writer Update: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

I have been quite contrary this year by closing all my social media accounts, but my garden is growing great!

This year was very hard for me. Covid brought about the worst isolation for me and the kids because of my family’s collective special needs. Added to my stress was the politics and the once in a lifetime freeze with no power and the tree falling on our kids playground. Social media stood as a fake friend in judgement of me and my pain. I have felt less lonely since closing my accounts without its hypocritical opinions and fountain of ignorant bigotry. Since my writing career froze (I don’t like saying it ended) when Covid began, I had no reason to be online. My goals have been to have real relationships with my friends and family instead of fake online pretend relationship s. I am still working on that.

So, as a more productive stress reliever, I started gardening while the kids played outside. This has helped me on so many levels. The first possitive is that it has resulted in improving and repair various aspects of our home. Secondly, even though I am not grow much food, it does still help me feel like I am providing something for our family’s needs. Then, there is just the relief of being in the garden among beautiful things.

I have also enjoyed cooking with the fresh vegetables.

I learned hpw to make homemade pickles and how to build a 6in thatched fence.

So, that is my writer’s update. One day I’ll get back to writing, but right now, it’s the season for growing and healing.

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