Lessons Learned in my 30s

I am in my 30s which isn’t too old in the grand sceme of things. I my short life I have realized that I have been taught some foolish things and some wise things. I decided to write down some of the wise things I was taught so I would remember them and perhaps you might find them usuful too.

Wise Advice:

  1. Use the nice China, the good linens, the expensive perfume. – I had been told as a child to save all the nice stuff for special occassions, but I descovered that I would forget to use my nice things when those occassions came. When my grandmother passed away, I found to boxes of the nicest china in the back of her closet. I had never seen it in her lifetime and appearently it belonged to her mother. I found myself wondering, “what use is it to have something nice if you are too afraid of damaging it to use it?” Take the risk of breaking a plate by actually using them, enjoying them, and having good memories with them! It is better to sell it than just have stuff stored for all of eternity.
  2. Read, read, and read some more! – You really learn very little in school. You are only given tools to become self-educated such as reading writing and basic facts and logical process. Learning how to live life comes from searching and reading. I have learned more from biographies than any other book genre out there! You can learn a lot about how to be sucessful in life by reading about others who were sucessful.
  3. Dream big, but plan for the worse. – This is still a tough one. Life already hasn’t gone as I had expected as a child even though I thought I was doing all the right things. When I have read biographies of great people, they never gave up on their dreams, but they took what ever was given to them and tried to make the most of it towards their ultimate goal. They didn’t waste time, money, or their talents. Many times their dreams changed and morphed as they learned more about life and themselves, but they stayed focus on what was the core of what they felt meant the most in life. They stored up for a rainy day, but was prepared to jump at any opportunity to get their dream. There was always a plan A and plan B and even improvising plan C and D and E if necessary.
  4. Love God and others – There is very little that lasts in this world. Any monument or legacy we built only survives by the will or God for the benefit of others. Without the God, life doesn’t make sense and existance is impossible. We can other live knowing we were created for a purpose. Part of that purpose is to reflect the unmerited love of God for us onto everyone around us. If there is a meaning to life, this is it.