Disability Article: Education Consultant Ruth Meed

You will often hear in homeschooling circles that you have all you need to teach your child just by being your child’s parent. Honestly, this is not true, and even more so when you are teaching a child with disabilities. Just because we did well in school as a child or are successful as an adult does not mean we automatically know how to teach. Luckily, there are many homeschooling organizations, curriculum developers, homeschooling blogs by other parents, and more to help you on your journey. Even with all of this, sometimes you just need to talk to a physical person about the specific needs of your individual child or children. This is where hiring a consultant, a person with professional experience teaching many different children with different disabilities and abilities, is worth every penny.

The truth is that there are many good curricula out there, but how you teach your child is really what makes homeschooling work. Many seasoned teachers and homeschooling families use a mix and match of many things to accomplish their goals. Learning how to create goals, teach in a way your child learns, and find solutions to struggles is what a consultant can help you with.

I worked with Ruth on some projects for my Master’s degree, so I feel confident in recommending her services. Not only does she have extensive education, but she also has tons of experience with special needs students – 27 years! As a former assistant college professor, she knows how to explain the process of teaching well.

You can find her at:
Ruth E. Meed Consulting – ruth.meed@gmail.com




She also has a book on Amazon: