Writer’s Update 2022

At the beginning of each year I give a recap of the last year and an update for the new year. Last year, very little happened when it comes to my writing career. With the pandemic, homeschooling, getting my masters degree, losing loved ones, and dealing with life, I got a few blog posts out and that is about it.

This year will be a little different even though we are in the middle of another spike in Covid cases. My youngest son started preschool and I will finish my master’s degree the first days in February. Even so, my goals are modest for the year.

Since the pandemic started, my writing career froze in mid-stride. I closed almost all of my social media accounts and my sales plummeted. Two novels I was working on were stopped before the last editing process and two more were left untouched in the research and development stage. My goal is two pick up the pieces and continue where I left off. I intend to finish “The Gryphon of Stone” and “The Secrets of Cinnamon Cinderguard.” If I can get both of those published this year, it will be a good year.

I will be developing a new market plan that does not depend on social media. What that means or even looks like in this world of quarantines and social distancing, I have no idea.

I have joined HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). What this means is that I am learning to swing a longsword. This hobby is part of my research for my next two books, but I don’t plan on writing those until next year.