I’ve Completed My Master’s Degree… Now For Longsword!

For nearly two years, I have put my writing career on hold to homeschool my sons and pursue a master’s degree in special education online through Grand Canyon University. Wednesday was the last day of my last class. It was a long hard process. You may ask if I felt like it was worth it?

I don’t know.

I had hoped the degree would have taught me about disabilities and how people with different struggles learn best. Instead, it was about bureaucracy, laws, systems, and norms. It made it painfully clear why SPED teachers are doing an impossible job and why students who struggle often fail. It was frustrating, disillusionment, and insight. In the end, though, I did learn a lot, but not what I expected.

I plan on using this degree to help my children first and then other families. What I learned is that I am fighting a battle for my children against a faceless foe.

So as I begin my post-college life, battle has become a theme. I intend to write a couple of young adult fantasy fiction books next year on that subject. I decided to get some hands-on experience with historical European martial arts (HEMA) and study longsword.

Anyone who knows me well should know that I wouldn’t be satisfied with a causal study. I am too competitive and I love killing dragons (accomplishing big goals). My hope is to compete at one of the nearby Texas matches in a couple of years.

So, mixed in with my book reviews, my devotionals, my annual writer’s updates, and my disability articles, expect to find updates on swords and sword fighting.