10 Years of Blogging!

I just discovered that I missed the 10 year anniversary of Lara’s Wanderings back in December. Ten years and 227 blog posts! Wow!

As I have been getting back into writing my next novel and reviewing how I want to move forward with my career, I have been taking inventory of what has worked and not worked in connecting with my readers. Surprisingly, social media such as Facebook and Twitter did nothing. It ended up mostly being a game of numbers as tons of authors followed each other and then ignored each other’s posts. I had closed my social media accounts for the sake of mental health, and I can’t find a compelling reason to return to it know.

My blog, on the other hand, has been quite successful. Many of you who follow my posts have been interested in both my books and the books I review. In light of this, I have ideas of starting a quarterly newsletter and a series of YouTube video discussing the world of writing. The topic of how to enter the publishing world has been the most frequent questions I get.

Recently, I have been asked to book signings. I am thrilled at the idea! It has been a long since this has been possible. I am striving for a summer publication date for my next book. I hope to schedule a book signing to celebrate it. We’ll see.

So, either way, cheers to ten years of blogging! Hopefully we have many years yet to go!