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In my wanderings and misadventures, I have always written. Only recently did I actually consider myself a writer, though. Funny thing these labels are!

My first published book is called Gryphendale. It is a 340-page paperback young adult fantasy fiction novel. It took me over ten years to write and get just right. It starts out with a human girl named Autumn who travels to the faerie world of Gryphendale ruled by an evil wizard named Maldamien. I liked the world of Gryphendale so much that I have started a sequel so I don’t have to leave it. I have also fallen in love with the character of Sage, a huldra adventurer. I will be writing short stories about his life before this novel.

I  also published a children’s book with my husband called Zip and the Golden Trombone. It is a 48-page children’s fairy tale about an elf who plays a magical trombone. Kerry Lee Jr wrote this book while we were still dating and I illustrated it. We published it on Amazon’s CreateSpace for our own amusement. Life is short so why not?

Writing books has been a major dream of mine since 1st grade when I won an award for a little self-illustrated children’s book. For that little book, which I still have, I was able to go on a special trip to Tampa, Florida to hear a real writer talk about what it means to do this as a career. I bought her children’s books and was hooked.

I have always struggled with writing and spelling, though. In college, I discovered that I was dyslexic and didn’t read things the same way as others. I believed that this meant I would never be able to write for a living. I chose to become a graphic designer so I could “make books”.  I kept writing, though, because I could help it. I have never struggled with ideas for stories. Finally, I decided that even if I expose my difficulties, I MUST write. It is only now that I have finally had that dream come true.

I included links to my book for the Amazon page in the USA below.  If you know of places I can get to publish a review of my book, let me know. I would love to keep writing and to hear your feedback!


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Buy it on Amazon!

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