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zip  Hi everybody!

I  got another book published! It is called Zip and the Golden Trombone. Its is a 48 page children’s fairy tale about an elf who plays a magical trombone.

My First published book  is called Gryphendale. It is a 340 page paper-back young adult fantasy fiction novel. It took me over ten years to write and get just right. I liked the world of Gryphendale so much that I have started a sequel so I don’t have to leave it.

The novel starts with a human girl named Autumn who walks through a magical doorway in the middle of the woods. She is immediately cursed by the evil wizard named Maldamien who rules the small faerie world of Gryphndale.

We also follow another character in the book named Sage who is a hero of the people fight Maldamien’s forces. He and his mentor, the lovable Toble, are trying just to survive until the long lost Queen of their world comes home again. Too bad they get stuck with Autumn instead.

All the adventurers must race to save the world from Maldamien’s latest plan to destroy the world and become a god. Does to mythical blue gryphon, the creator of the world, even care?

Writing books has been a major dream of mine since 1st grade when I won an award for a little self-illustrated children’s book. For that little book, which I still have, I was able to go on a special trip to Tampa, Florida to hear a real writer talk about what it means to do this as a career. I bought her kid’s book and was hooked. I wrote lots of stories since then, and went to college to become a graphic designer so I could “make books”.  It is only now that I have finally had that dream come true.

I included links to my book for the Amazon page in the USA below.  If you know of places I can get to publish a review of my book, let me know. This such a dream come true! I would love to keep writing and to hear your feedback!

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