Hi. I hope everyone had a good holiday. As a Christian I was never allowed to celebate Halloween as a child because of various legends about it celebrating demons. I thought I would write about why I let my son celebrate it now.

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Fall Wreath for a Dollar!

FallWreathHappy fall everyone!

This fall wreath is a very simple craft I made for only one dollar! I was at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and in their sewing department they had a couple of plastic zip-lock bags full of flower parts for a dollar. It wasn’t a very pretty bag, but the best deals take a bit of imagination and seeing everything’s potential.

Anyways, I bought the bag, sorted the flower parts by color family, cut out a large cardboard donut shape from a box I had, and started glueing flower parts to it in a kindergarten crafts class style. To hang it up I just tied a ribbon around it. It was super fun, a little messy, but it makes me smile every time I come home.

The best part is that I still have half a bag of flower parts left for a Spring wreath. Super cool!

I’m Back

LeeFamilySmIt has been a while since I have written a blog. Part of that was dealing with a 6-month transition with an unreliable internet solution and part of it was the embarrassment of having blogged about how to buy a car and still buying a real lemon. Old car is gone, new more reliable car has been purchased. We live and learn!

Well, I’m back now. We have moved into a beautiful two-bedroom apartment in which I am really enjoying decorating and I am home-schooling my son full-time. So good-bye graphic design career for now. Even so, I am going to have plenty of little tidbits to blog about with new crafts, projects, and cooking experiments in plans. In blogging I get to learn all sort of new things as well. So forgive my absence, continue to forgiven my ignorance in many of my posts, and enjoy some of my wanderings!

Car Shopping


Well, we bought a car. I have done only two other car searches in my life. All of them have been for used cars. One was with my Dad when I was eighteen and the second was seven years ago. I can say with confidence, I HATE car shopping! Oh boy, did we see some clunkers!

Here is a few things I learned while searching for a used car:

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Pumpkin Pie


Recently I experimented with making pumpkin pie. I usually use canned pumpkin when I make a pie and love it. A week or so ago, my son wanted a small pumpkin to play with. I thought that once he was done this would be a good time to experiment since there was no holiday or special event I would be cooking for. The pies turned out great!

I had made some changes to the recipe I had found and so here is what I did. A quick warning: it turned out a little sweeter than the pies I was used to.

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Writing Contest!

I thought I would share this with all my writer friends out there. BookLookBlogger is having a book-writing contest for Christian writers from September 15, 2014 – November 30, 2014. Check it out!

What do you need today?

House (4)Today I helped some people move furniture and was asked if I needed anything they were getting rid of. I visited some people at their home and was again offered some furniture. In fact for the past year I have been generously offered a lot of furniture. This was not an unreasonable thing, since our furniture is pretty sparse. Even though at many points these offers were really tempting, I found myself saying no. Why? Because I didn’t need it today. Continue reading

What Color is Your Parachute?

ParachuteWhat Color is Your Parachute? by Richard N. Bolles is a classic for job hunters for the past zillion years, so I won’t bore you with how great it is and how you need to go out and buy it. The fact is millions of people already have gone out and bought it. What I am going to talk about is what I have learned from it as a freelance Art Director/Graphic Designer. Continue reading

The Retail

RetailI typically don’t do a lot of fiction book reviews. Most of the books I read tend to be biography, improve-yourself-somehow non-fiction, or something-randomly-historical non-fiction. Most of my books also tend to be focused on living the good life somehow. The Retail by Joshua Danker-Dake is a very funny fictional story that is probably the antithesis of all that. Since the main character’s choices are such a sharp contrast to what I aspire to create with my life and my blog, it somehow seems appropriate just to remind me why I am doing what I am doing. It is sort of like saying, “See that left road up there? Yeah, well don’t take it.” Continue reading

A New Look for Lara’s Wanderings


Lara’s Wanderings now has a new look! Why is that? Well, I have decided to update my professional presence in the word which started from needing new business cards. The whole thing exploded into trying to make every part of my online and world presence match in a way that only a completely obsessive graphic designer would possible ever fret over. There are lots of changes on the horizon beyond just our move to Texas. Keep an eye out for my weekly blog posts and check out my portfolio at laralee.foliohd.com.