About Lara Lee

Flowers gather from around a lake in Ocoee Florida USA
Flowers gather from around a lake in Ocoee Florida USA


My name is Lara Lee and I am a graphic designer, wife, mother, home-school teacher, Sunday school teacher,  author, cook, crafter, and geek. I wrote the book Gryphendale and illustrated Zip and the Golden Trombone. The Show of the Gryphon, The Gryphon’s Handmaiden, and The Gryphon of Stone are all coming soon!

Lara Lee grew up in Florida with her head stuck in various books. She ran away to Oral Roberts University to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design and a husband. Then she worked professionally with the children’s curriculum publisher, Mentoring Minds in Texas before following her husband on a crazy half-baked adventure in Scotland for four years. Bitten by wanderlust at a young age, she has lived in three states and four countries and has visited even more destinations with insatiable curiosity. Currently, she lives in Crosby, Texas with her husband and son who both regularly participate in her misadventures and random schemes.

This is my personal blog and it has grown with me over the years. It has followed me to Scotland where my son was born and my husband got his Ph.D. It has moved with me to Florida and Texas. It has followed my continually changing interests and various curiosities. I gave up on having a unified theme or trying to fit it in a box. I have gotten rid of all the boxes. We don’t do normal in my family. We just do what we were created to do and be. Life is just a journey and I am all about making the most of it. I hope you enjoy my wanderings and adventures and misadventures. Most of all, I hope you see God’s beautiful creativity in the randomness of life.

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If you would like to contact me with questions, commits, or anything to do with my books, feel free to use the form below. May you be touched by the Gryphon’s wing!



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